27 November, 2016

World of Fishing Review

World of Fishing is not bad, but then not good either. It is a very simple fishing game in which you cast a line and then spend a while trying to tire out the fish so you can reel it in. The fishing is not realistic in any way, so do not expect a simulator.

That said, it would certainly be nice if it had some more depth to it, at times even literally depth- Your bait is always at roughly the same depth, and fish all swim at the same depth. Not that you will notice much of that, you only get limited uses of limited time to look underwater, which is not even useful to you because you have no control over what happens once you have cast but before the fish bites.

It is quite repetitive, with almost every fish the same but at a varying difficulty. You cast your line, swipe once and then the fish is hooked(or gets away), at which point you have to try to manage your line's tension to keep the fish struggling. But if the fish gets too far away, or too close your line will immediately break. That said, it is not bad, and you can amuse yourself by turning on some music and just fishing for a while.

You can keep fish in your aquarium, so you can look at them any time you want. But your first fish from the tutorial will be released. After that you can keep your fish, but aside from a few very specific quest fish it almost seems pointless- These fish are all similar.
Speaking of- Another thing you need to be aware of when you decide to play is that the odds are most likely manipulated when you play. If you get a quest for 3 fish of a specific kind, it will take over 50 fish to find the ones you are after, even if those you are after are marked as very common and you use the perfect bait for them. Not that the bait matters most of the time- As most fish you encounter all take the same bait you generally don't see results from changing it. Overall, the game has a feeling of not letting you effect things, you can only hope for the slightest of chances that things go your way.

Since it is free, you will undoubtedly want to know how they make their money. Simple enough, they sell premium items. You may not like the idea, but I can tell you that they are not essential and must-haves. You will not be locked out of things when you don't want to buy them. But that said, they have a noticeable effect compared to your basic free stuff, and quests will provide you with enough to give them a try without having to buy them. Cosmetics wise there is essentially nothing. It is very basic, and you will look similar to everyone else.

All this is, essentially, nothing too bad. There is not much to be had here, but also nothing really terrible. If you have time to spend and are bored then give it a go- You won't lose out on anything, but it isn't going to be amazing either.
Worth a try sometime to see if you like it, but don't get invested or expect much.

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