25 November, 2016

Cook, Serve, Delicious! Review

Cook, Serve, Delicious is an excellent casual game that surprises in how frantic it can become. In CSD you complete orders for food and drink by pressing the right keys to complete the order. You start out serving simple foods that only require a few key presses, with few variations to start you off, and then you expand into larger, more complex orders that take several combinations of keys with several variations of preparation.

It flows well, both with great overall progression as you upgrade your foods while climbing the ranks from a lowly snack vendor to a 5 star restaurant, and in the days themselves where you have to deal with breakfast, lunch and dinner pressuring you to work faster, with relaxing periods between that serving a few costumers at a time.
One day takes only a few minutes, making it perfect for a casual game to play while waiting on something else, while the overall progression makes it very tempting to just keep playing.
There are extra events, even a small storyline here and there, as well as random emails that in general appear to be quite amusing. There is no real story aside from that though, you are just someone who got a restaurant and you get to make food.

You get randomly generated challenges, and some what I assume are pre-made challenges. Combined with the varied amounts of food and simple but intuitive gameplay this results in good replay value, not to mention the fact that if you play on a keyboard you will quickly become used to it. If you need to break in a new keyboard, CSD is guaranteed to leave you knowing where every key is, though it may take you a while.

Sound and graphics are good. You're not looking at a beautiful landscape here, but everything is clear and functional while at the same time being pleasing enough to look at. Sounds are functional, and the music fits the theme.
There is little I can say about CSD when I have to think about negatives. Perhaps some food types are difficult to figure out at first, but they're not too difficult to understand with some practice.

Overall, you're looking at excellent value for your money, CSD is a game that you can both play for hours on end as well as one you can boot up for 15 minutes. I can honestly not think of anything that would be truly negative about it- Cook Serve Delicious gets a very solid positive recommendation from me, for essentially everyone who wants a game but doesn't already have their mind on any specific genre.

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