20 November, 2016

Steep Open Beta Review

Simple open beta review!

Steep- It's honestly pretty good. Yeah, you need Uplay. Yeah, the multiplayer system has issues for some people. And some parts of the map are not quite finished looking just yet. But that's what a beta is for.

It's difficult to do the tricks on jumps until you figure out exactly how and the timing for them seems to be a bit rough, but there are plenty of good places to practice, and a large open world with a lot of varied and good rides down the mountain. Plenty of time and amusement just going around and finding things, with a lot of good places and tracks if you put some effort into it, and you can just ride or glide down with friends to relax and mess about as well.

I can't say much on the physics, as I dont often do these kind of sports myself, but I can say that controls often felt difficult. Not in a bad way, but more like you have to get used to them. The camera is often pretty poor- Mostly inconsistency and being in the exact wrong spot for what you're trying to see, but this can be fixed with a different camera mode so it only annoys until you find what works for you.
Multiplayer is sadly limited to only 4 people in a group, very clearly not many with how big a world it is, but you can share your challenges(Which you can make yourself) with as many people as you want.

Customization appears good, though I found myself not really liking most of the options. A little more variety would be nice, but it has enough to be functional and fun as is.
Worth 60 euro fun? I don't know. I feel like I need to get a fair bit more out of it before I'd feel comfortable with 60 euro. But as for someone not usually into sports games, I can say that Steep's Open Beta looks like it promises good things for the full version.

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