02 November, 2016

Helldivers Review

Helldivers is a surprisingly well made semi-casual (You can pick it up, do a few runs of 20 minutes each and then drop it, or play for hours) game that allows for a decent amount of optimizing. Mainly group based, it has a good matchmaking system that lets you literally drop in on someone with a drop pod and get right into the action. Or you can make a pre-made group and plan out your entire mission before launching. All this, for Super-Earth.

There are a large amount of weapons available, most well balanced and almost all viable, useful, and easy to use. (Point the loud end at the enemy), with plenty more called in 'stratagems' which range from defensive turrets to airstrikes, to supply drops. There is plenty of variety should you feel like playing with a different style for a change, and it's all viable. The only thing is that you may need to upgrade your items a bit before they reach their full potential.
Upgrading items is easy enough, with the upgrades clear on what they give you, and not too hard to get. You find samples during missions and 10 of these become one research point. It's fast enough to be noticeable progress, but also slow enough that you don't get to just unlock everything and then ignore it.

There are three different kinds of enemies, all with recognizable themes while their mechanics are different enough to be interesting in their own ways, requiring slightly different tactics or loadouts. The game's theme is excellent, with some small bits of humour in the over-the-top Super-Earth and the player character's zeal in spreading democracy. A few very well made one liners and a great overall wholesome fitting theme works well for pulling you in and giving the game a great identity that is worth coming back to.

With missions seeming to be randomly generated, the ability to drop in on any game or to team up with friends while using a varied, well balanced arsenal puts Helldivers firmly in the category of "Good games". Without any noticeable flaws and gameplay that keeps you entertained, it is certainly worth it.

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