09 December, 2016

Let's Play Stardew Valley: Intro

So, I've decided to try my hand at a screenshot Let's Play. I didn't want to go to Something Awful or any other forums, instead trying to get cozy with the people genuinely interested in this, so I'm running it here.

What's Stardew Valley?
It's a rural life simulator game released in the beginning of this year. It is similar to, most notably, the Harvest Moon series, but has design elements that make it much more modern compared to that. One notable thing about the game is that it was developed entirely by a single person, Eric Barone AKA ConcernedApe. Chucklefish (the guys behind Starbound) handled the publishing but the rest is on him.

The game is supposed to be a simulator of a rural everyman - you farm, fish, chop trees, mine ore, slay monsters, marry one of the people in the small town you live in... there's a lot to do, and, while the game can sometimes get repetitive, it is still engaging. I'll cut out the repetitive parts for you though.

What kind of LP will this be?
This'll try to be an informative and completionist screenshot LP. I'll try to get to the bottom of every cave, find all secrets, level all skills to the max and, generally, do everything at least once. I'll also explain game mechanics along the line, possibly also adding some of my thoughts on them as a game designer.

I'm going in semi-blind - the one time I played this I only got to the mid- or mid-to-late game; I most certainly didn't do everything. I also have almost no idea of what changes were introduced in 1.1, and I expect 1.2 to come out while I'm running this LP, so that's fun.

Will there be audience participation?
Of course! I'll have votes on important stuff like who to marry, what kind of farm we'll start with and the character's name.

When to expect updates?
I'll try to stick to a weekly schedule with an update every Sunday. The first update will be this Sunday.

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