14 July, 2017

Predynastic Egypt Review

Predynastic Egypt is a resource management and optimization game in which you overcome trials and ordeals and establish Egypt as unified kingdom.
From humble beginnings with simple decisions to make to managing a large amount of workers while planning several turns ahead, Predynastic Egypt offers a pleasant if a bit simple of an experience. There aren't a lot of different mechanics involved, but they do not need to be. With a simple foundation and easily controlled, intuitive basic gameplay you'll be able to manage your tribe and deal with what Egypt has to offer. Multiple difficulty options allow you to customize the game to your liking while everything is explained in enough detail that you will not have to worry about not knowing what is going on, though it still doesn't give you more information than you really need.

One concern is replayability. As it is the same map every time, with the same ordeals every time at the same turns it becomes predictable and later playthroughs will feel repetitive. At the highest difficulties, it's all about solving everything perfectly, with perfect timing on everything and good luck on the random events. If you enjoy achievement hunting, you will get plenty of replayability out of it, but otherwise there isn't much reason to play it a second time.

As for the trials and ordeals, they are challenging when you first go through them, but fair. With a bit of planning and forward thinking you can win the game on your first try. Playthroughs after the first will make it a lot easier and unless you actively avoid doing them it is difficult to really fail at any of them.

A relaxed atmosphere and simple base mechanic means this is mostly a casual game, pleasant to play and worth the time to get it, Predynastic Egypt does what it tells you it does, does it very well, and overall delivers a good experience at a good price.

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