25 June, 2017

Carrier Deck Review

Carrier Deck is a simple management game where you control the deck of a carrier, select mission loadouts and manage who flies and where. Don't be fooled by the suggestion of a simulation game. It is definitely not one of those.

While it isn't the most detailed by far, and certainly not hard, it is capable of occasionally providing decent challenges and keeping the action up at a decent flow in the campaign. There are however several issues with it that make it difficult to really get into it.
(Campaign) Missions feel too small, and don't seem to really present a challenge except for the last few. But they are decent enough and enjoyable to play. On the contrary, 'quick' missions and endless mode are not really enjoyable as there is a large amount of waiting and when things do happen they seem to be randomly throwing things at you regardless of whether it's possible to succeed. This makes the endless mode more about luck than actually managing your carrier.

The other flaws include the hitbox for clicking on things being just too small on many things, leading to clicking off something and wasting time, and the airplane/heli pathing being terrible. They only move in pre-determined paths, and when they run into one another they wait for only a second or two before deciding to turn around and go back to where they were before you ordered them. This in turn makes managing any more than two or three things at the same time a huge pain in the ass, as you need to babysit almost everything or risk them deciding they don't really want to do what you told them to.

Yet with all that, it's still decent. It's certainly not amazing, but it does what it tells you it will do, and it does so well enough to entertain. But it doesn't go past that, or try anything special, but it isn't bad at least. It's worth the price it asks for, but I wouldn't recommend it if you weren't into any kind of management game. For those that are, Carrier Deck is worthwhile enough to try out.

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