21 July, 2017

Friday 13th: The Game Review

I was going to write a detailed review and put effort into it, but since the devs don't seem to care I won't care either. In Friday 13th, you can have a great time or a terrible time, depending on who you play with and the amount of bugs you run into. Generally from what I've found it's people who don't speak English, with those who do speak English either teamkilling you for fun or being excellent people.

The gameplay itself is pretty nice. You don't need to run scared all the time and you can actually fight back against Jason, though it's more of a way to buy time so you can get away than anything else. If you run, there are a large amount of invisible walls around the map, making it a risk to go anywhere that Jason won't look for you. Luckily, you do have the advantage around windows and cabins, and you are faster when you sprint.

The best part about this game, in my opinion, is that you can talk to eachother and Jason while playing. Trash talk, pleading, and misdirection brings a lot to the game. Telling Jason that the others are escaping in a car will make him usually pull out his map to see if the car moved, buying you precious time. And not just once did I hear someone plead for their life and told them I'll save them for last. Out of everything, being able to meaningfully interact with people the rare few times they know English is what makes it fun.

But then the bad is plentiful as well. Only three maps, many councilors being just terrible in general, a kickstarter-only Jason that is just flat out better than any other Jason you can ever hope to get and bugs+exploits still in the game long after launch leads to a feeling that this is not very well managed or planned out, and ultimately combining these factors with the devs being ban-happy at the wrong people and ignoring the people who do need to be at least warned leads to me concluding that this deserves a negative as it stands right now. At the very least until the devs bring about a serious effort to address everything they've been ignoring now.

Friday 13th is a nice idea, that was almost there. It's massively overpriced for what it does and would have been great if it was done by someone who actually gave a shit. Wait for a substantial sale if you do want to get it, because what they're asking for now is too much.

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