21 August, 2017

Brigador Review

It took me a long time to think about what I'd say about Brigador, as I usually list a negative first and I'm very judgemental when it comes to games. Brigador only had very mild negatives, along with some very strong positives that makes it difficult for me to say anything bad about it.

From an excellent soundtrack to the incredible gameplay, to the lore and graphics design, everything about Brigador appears to have been well made and shows great attention to detail. A gentle learning curve and a campaign that will teach you and then present you with ever increasing challenges followed with free play contracts that will let you go at the speed and difficulty you prefer means that you will always be able to customize your experience to tailor it to what you like and what you can handle.
The maps are designed well and pretty to look at, with everything inside except for the map boundaries being fully destructible. You are even encouraged to do so, and destroying things gives you a bonus.

A large selection of vehicles, weaponry and enemies ensures that there is a lot for you to choose from, with every piece of gear you pick having its use and using your gear well is usually the key to success. But with all that gear, you can pick and choose how you want to play. Stealth, guns blazing, or a mix is all possible with none of the weapons seeming overpowered or underpowered. And everything you see ingame is a thing you can take and use.

The only negative I've found was the control scheme, which doesn't always work well with every vehicle. But it is barely a negative as you can change your control scheme as needed. Out of all the things in game, everything works together amazingly well and handles great, both in the missions and with the overarching theme.

Brigador is one of those rare games where you do not regret any moment of your time playing it. Everything can be made to be the way you enjoy it the best while at the same time offering you challenges exactly the way you want them. It seems to do everything right and has no real negatives to it that I could find. Brigador tells you to enjoy yourself, and it gives you all the tools you need to do so.

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