10 May, 2017


ALL CAPITAL LETTERS GAME is about landing on an island with up to 99 other people and being the last team(Or person) standing. If that interests you, you're probably going to enjoy this game. I was somewhat surprised to find this to be an entire subgenre of FPS (And third person shooters too), and from what I can tell it seems to be the best in it at the moment.

For everyone who hasn't been convinced yet or doesn't know anything about it, I would say it's...Alright, I suppose.

I'm not really impressed by it, but it certainly does what it says it will. A typical round lasts at most about 25 minutes and starts with you jumping out of a plane over the island. You then land and you have to find gear for yourself- Which essentially means guns, ammo and medical supplies. Technically melee weaponry exists but unless you and someone else are in the same building in the first minute of the game you're going to not use anything except guns.
Once everyone has landed the playable area starts becoming smaller, forcing players into conflict as the playable area reduces in size until the game ends with a winner.
There is no penalty for losing or leaving the game, matches are quick to hop in and quick to leave, and it has a very quick format for those who are low on time. It does get somewhat repetitive, and most rounds go roughly the same in my experience, you get your stuff, you try to not die, and then either you end up killing the other people or you get shot and die.

The actual gunplay is solid enough, and aiming with a scope is not unpleasant. A large amount of the tactics involved are about flanking your opponent. As almost everything is very powerful and capable of killing someone in just a few good shots you will want to use cover to your advantage and deny it for your opponents. The controls are sometimes a bit rough, with some odd input lag for things like entering vehicles or opening doors, but this is probably because it is still early access.
Sound design seems good, and you can often hear someone before you see them.

You may have noticed the 'survival' tag on the steam store. The goal is survival, I suppose. But you're in the wrong place if you're looking for somewhere that you'll need to find food and drink, build shelter, and similar things to actually survive in the long term. There is no long term in this game, for better or worse. In the same way, I suppose it is technically an open world, you can go anywhere you want. But you're going to take damage and get limited to a smaller area really quickly.

I'm having trouble finding other things to say about it. I am not really impressed by it, it does what it says it does, and it does them pretty well. But it doesnt say it will do much either. It had its origins as a mod for an other game, and it still feels like it is just that right now- A mod for some other game. A good mod, for sure. Enjoyable for a while, certainly. But not what I'd call a full game worth 30€
At least not in its current state. Unless you are really into this kind of game, in which case you're going to probably spend over 100 hours in it as it is the best one of its kind at the moment

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