08 September, 2016

Where I've been

As it's been a bit over a month without review, I figured I'd place a message to say why. So here it is, my reasons for not writing a review in the last month or any other post.

Stellaris and Overwatch.
That's pretty much it. Stellaris I won't review because as a general rule I don't review products in alpha states, and Overwatch I didn't review because there honestly isn't that much for me to say that would actually be useful.

I can write entire essays on its design and analysing it, but in the end it will all come down to two things:
1. They knew exactly what they were doing and designed perfectly for their intended target audience
2. I am not their target audience.

Without being salty about it, I can still play it and pass the time, but I can not say I enjoy it much. It's certainly a decent enough game that I would call it good if pressed on it and fully reviewing it, but I will never call it a great game. I can call a lot of the design choices bad because I personally disagree with them, but truth is that for the majority of players all those choices are acceptable or even very good ones. Choices that would have been taken specifically to cater to a specific kind of player that just isn't me.

It's okay, really. I can write a long list of complaints, but most of those are just going to get summed up as their target audience being significantly different from me. I still like playing it with friends, but everything is fun and playable with friends, so that's not really anything to judge things on.

That's where I've been. That, and not finding games I find it worthwhile to review.
Though I will probably put out a review in the next few weeks anyway

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